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A catalogue of sonic fiction shared by collaborators & instigators mapping journeys through shades of tone & rhythm over years recent & past. Listen through our travels here or use the links below to receive irregular new instalments via iTunes or RSS as they arrive.


The VCA Sessions Podcast

UK based transmission featuring guest producers unleashing their skills & influences to deliver diverse snapshots of melody & rhythm with no restraints on style, form or content. The VCA Sessions will take you somewhere new.
  • VCA Session 30: Trapped Nerve
    H-Tech returns with a burnt offering of murky sounds to promote the new release from collaborative project Rites Of Fear by Allogenic. Click title link to stream from Mixcloud.
  • VCA Session 29: In The Shadow Of The Sun
    Recorded and mixed between 11/06/2012 and 20/06/2012 and built from recordings of a number of improvised sessions using bowed cymbals, prayer bowls, cello, voice, plastic bottle, bamboo whistle and autoharp. Each session recording was then subjected to digital sound processing to form the final audio piece. This piece formed part of radeq's project: A Month Long Radio Exhibition and was played at 2pm on the 31st August 2012.
  • VCA Session 28: Almost Telepathic
    After a some absence The VCA sessions welcomes back another re-channelled Prodcast. Including excerpts from Vapour's debut performance at the latest Filigree society event, unreleased material from Ypsmael, cjmann's processed field recordings of the audience at the recent Laibach Tate Modern performance, a new track "Scrapyard" and excerpts from Bansheevas work in progress.
  • VCA Session 27: Astral Projection
    A Short Live set featuring snapshots of fresh and existing material. Recorded by Schmergmeister at CB1 Cafe, Mill Road, Cambridge, December 2012.
  • VCA Session 26: New Moon
    Another set from the moon men captures an epic live performance unleashing a wash of psychedelic drones and swirling feedback at the Festival Of Noise event in Cambridge in April 2012.
  • VCA Session 25: Sketches
    This set offers audio sketches made by cjmann in a single session on the 18th February 2012. The raw materials include kalimba, harmonica, whistle and voice which have been subjected to heavy duty processing.
  • VCA Session 24: Made For Me - Given To You
    This session features a collage of cello, vocal, percussion, piano and field recordings morphing through a number of discreet changes, from chamber ritual through to blissed out drum frenzy...
  • VCA Session 23: Base Create
    Base Create promises more noise shrouded delights from cjmann including a remix of Wrong Planets "Punk Espanya", new tracks from tEdor, Cultivater, House Grinder and a previously unreleased 'Blue' track "Prisoner".
  • VCA Session 22: Strained Perception Part 1
    Abel Mortis takes listeners on an ecclectic voyage spanning the realms of pop and post punk from decades past. Including iconic classics from Bauhaus, Tubeway Army, Dukes of Stratosphere, Siouxsie and Prince!
  • VCA Session 21: Shadows in a Basement Part 5
    Shadows in a Basement Part 5 presents a live set of subtle, atmospheric textures from Ypsmael. Recorded at the first gathering of The Filigree Society in Cambridge, March 2011.


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