The Filigree Society gather from the mists at irregular intervals to present live sensory diversions offering an atmospheric excursion into sight & sound.

Echo Chamber returns to present shades of energy driven electronic grooves meshing together threads of drone, techno & wayward bass delivered from formats vintage & modern...

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CJMANN: Veteran producer, drummer of local trio - Bansheeva & owner of Prods In The Dark Music performs a live set of new solo material featuring industrial, bass driven textures with a brutal edge. 


MILO BRAGG: Vinyl aficionado & owner of UK based label Future Primitive seasons proceedings with his broad insight & mixing skills. Offering deep shades of atmospheric rhythm tinged with global influence.


EASTERN FEAR RITUAL: Producer & driving force behind Adaptive Sonic Music offers a live insight into the EFR sound, conjuring together echo laden, percussive soundscapes shrouded with a sinister edge.


H-TECH: Dedicated vinyl maven & all round music acolyte with broad ranging up & downtempo podcast adventures circulating as H-Tech & Haggisness on Mixcloud.


Dynamic freestyle visual stimulus delivered by Ubuntu VJ application IQ Synth.

Dark vintage aesthetic